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Events archive

Since 2022 we have been organizing activities to help people in need and build up a community of caring and active citizens. Every event is a step forward for us. Take a look into some of highlights from our work.

Dialogs for understanding

November 25, 2023: As a part of Civil Responsibility initiative of Alliance of Russian-speaking Parents (BVRE), a workshop took place within our community space. Our young visitors had a chance to discuss on topics like hate-speech, tolerance and effective communication in a game format.


Autumn Blues

November 9, 2023: Music gathered us again! This time, with a strings-vocal duo: Together, the Ukrainian guitar professional Vadim Koviakh and Tatiana from Happy Aliens performed in a cosy atmospere for our community.

Classics for good purpose

September 23, 2023: Virtuoso piano (A. Ezhelev), violin (E. Stelmakh), soprano (E. Belakova) and applause from more than 200 guests at the charity concert "Classics for hope" in Hochstädter Kulturfabrik. Together with Rotary Club Höchstadt a.d.A. and the Bürgerstitiftung we organized this concert and collected 5000 € for a social project of the city of Erlangen in its partner city Browary in Ukraine.

0803 Musikabend.jpeg

Singer-Songwriter Evening

August 3, 2023: Heartwarming songs and poems by Olga Artemenko (Odessa) and Victoria Slavinskaya (Dnipro) gathered a diverse group for a small closed event in our office.

Visiting Rotary Club

August 2, 2023: Mr. Steger from Erlangen International Relations Deaprtment presented us in Rotary Club Höchstadt an der Aisch within a keynote: "Use of the funds from the Ukraine charity concert in cooperation with Happy Aliens".

0802 zur Gast bei rothary club an der aisch.jpeg

Sadhu Practice Workshop

July 30, 2023: We opened our doors and minds for one of popular mindfulness practices, standing on nails. Not only we found our inner peace, but also a teacher to start our yoga class.

Volunteering for the children camp

July 30-August 5, 2023: Children from Ukraine could participate in the circus camping week organized by SJR Erlangen. We assisted the registration process and translated.

большая палатка
0722 beim Gitarrenkonzert in Uttenreuth.jpeg

Reaching out to the people

July 22, 2023: After guitar concert in Uttenreuth Tatyana had a chance to speak about Happy Aliens and invite everyone to the "Classics for the Hope" concert in September.

Taking part in a Chairity Quiz

July 20, 2023: Using the opportunity to tell about us after the chairity Quiz and the presentation "Solidarity with Ukraine on example of Browary-cooperation".


Musical Evening

July 9, 2023: Campfire atmosphere in our office: Evgenia Lantsberg with her charming guitar songs resonated within our guests in the closed event.

Community Quiz

June 10, 2023: Together with our friends from the Alliance of Russian-speaking Parents (BVRE) we hosted an intercultural quiz game "Peaceful coexistence in a migration society" as a part of the project "Dialogs against racism". 

У костра в лесу

Children Campsite

May 29-June 2, 2023: 16 children from Ukraine happily participated in the traditional Whitsun summer camp of the Kolpingjugend together with German kids! Through  bilingual support for parents from our side volunteer team could organize an unforgettable collective experience. Here you can find a full report.

Beauty Brunch

March 19, 2023: Beauty will save the world, together with community spirit for sure! Together with a workshop we provided a networking and empowering platform for women.

Community opening

November 22, 2022: First gathering of our community on the eve of Happy Aliens opening. In the atmosphere of a family holiday we presented our early successes.

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